Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's your new model year update?

Manufacturers of cars, motorcycles and other products instinctively look to the next model year (for example, next year will be the 2011 model year) as their chance to unveil a new, improved version of their products. We expect the 2011 model to be an improvement over 2010, and it certainly should be superior to the 2005 model.

But as I think of myself, my personal brand--is the 2011 me going to be improved, and if so, in what way(s)? Is my current 2010 me superior to the 2005 model?

There is nothing more exciting for a manufacturer to launch its new model line-up. Shouldn't we think the same about our personal brand? How is the 2011 me going to be better, yet retain the best of my previous years of performance?

Barry LaBov

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