Monday, September 13, 2010

Tension Reducer

It's great to have a strong will and fierce determination. It can help you go a long way. But unless you have the right team with the right skills, at best, you'll have a high-tension atmosphere where many people are under-performing and a few are burned out from working so hard.

I've been guilty of trying to turn people into what my company needs--I see what they can do and am convinced that they can do it. Problem is, many times, they don't have the skills or the interest. They may be great people, but if they're in the wrong position, there is little chance of success. Far more likely, it will be a battle that no one enjoys.

The more I've focused on getting the right person, who is skilled and motivated, in the right position, the less pressure and the more success we've seen.

Sometimes it's pride, sometimes it's that we have no time to think--but it's worth it to stop and assess our people to make sure we have the right skills to do what we need. Otherwise, it's a pressure cooker, for all.

Barry LaBov
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