Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Balancing Act

I'm not a big believer in balance. I guess it's because balance is sometimes used in what I feel is the wrong context. For example: "I don't want to try hard at work because I need to be a good parent." Or, "I have to balance what my company needs with what my client needs."

I think you can indeed, do a great job at work and go home and be a great parent. I believe you can do a great job and make both your company and your client thrilled.

But one area where balance can be good is in client focus. If you're a manufacturer that focuses only on its few top dealers, then there's a chance a lot of good things will be missed out on. Sometimes a smaller dealer does things better or has more potential than the dominant dealer. If you're a smaller company and have a dominant client who gets all your best people and thinking, you're shortchanging those smaller clients that could turn into big clients.

Plus, a little competition is good for all of us--why not have that big dealer look over his shoulder at the little dealer? That little dealer just might be treating customers better or might be selling more aggressively. That big dog could learn a few tricks from the toy dog.

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