Monday, July 15, 2013

Barry LaBov Puts His Collective Wisdom in One Place

How would you like to gain a better understanding of office politics? What about the many factors that dictate how well an employee will respond to certain directions? Maybe you’re just looking for ways to be a better manager or how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. No matter what you’re looking for in regard to business tips and advice, you’ll most likely find something you can take with you back to the office through Barry LaBov’s blog.
Written by Barry LaBov, himself, the award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and writer takes some time to give readers short little quips and insights onto how to be a better employee and person. Having worked in many different areas of media and serving a variety of roles within the capacity, Barry LaBov brings with him a unique perspective that may help you see management, client meetings, and work ethic a little differently.
Each post usually features a short observation or story that Barry LaBov will then tie back to the office to address universal issues that seem relevant.  Take this post written recently on bullies. Bullies are a thing most people have to deal with when growing up and they’re certainly in the news all of the time, but what about when you grow up? What do you do if you have to deal with a bully in the professional world? Most people do nothing, which only adds to anxiety. LaBov stresses that you need to handle these bullies right away in order to be productive and maintain a friendly office environment.

If you’ve ever had an office issue or you’re just looking to widen your horizons to become a better employee or boss, you might want to look into Barry LaBov’s blog. 

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