Thursday, January 10, 2013


We hear talk of being entitled today, whether in business or political discussions. It's an emotionally charged topic.

It's easy to feel entitled. The danger with entitlements is that the things we come to expect, let's say certain benefits or services that our companies offer us, over time becomes less appreciated and often, less effective. So the worst of all worlds happens...we don't appreciate these things and yet they cost the company. For example, I read of a company that offered a free Friday lunch. Over time, it became less attended and there were complaints from employees because they felt they should be paid to attend. Often after they attended the lunch, many would take an additional lunch hour. Obviously not what the employer had in mind for a team-building, employee appreciation program. And it was the employer's fault; it was not a good idea.

I think this issue is not black or white. There are some programs that ought to be offered to every employee, period. There's certain treatment that all deserve, period. Those are not entitlements, those are fair and right.

For those other things, it may be wise to put a moratorium on themstop themand see if there really is an impact. I think sometimes we continue the entitlements for the wrong reasons and that maybe, just maybe, no one will miss them if they are gone.

Barry LaBov
LaBov Advertising, Marketing and Training

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  1. When people ask me who they should read, I often tell them Barry LaBov and his blog, and this post is just another reason why. We did a similar thing at my job with pizza on Fridays, and it really didn't work because the employees took it for granted. They started complaining about the pizza being cheap and there wasn't any variety. What are some programs that you would recommend that might show thanks without getting beat up after a while?