Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Add up the brain power

If your team or company is challenged to solve a problem, why is it that so often it's the same person who solves the problem? There might be two or three, maybe a half dozen people involved. But it comes down to that one person.

Maybe that one person is pretty brilliant. But it's not probable that he or she is smarter than all the others combined. It's usually not intelligence. It's either an issue of ownership, ego, fear or passiveness that is involved.

Add up the brainpower and figure it out.

Barry LaBov
LaBov Advertising, Marketing and Training

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  1. How often have we seen this in television, movies or even real life, Barry LaBov? I can remember as a kid, the same guy always wanted to be lab partners with me because he knew I would do all of the work. That's the problem with group work sometimes. The one or two overachievers do all of the work and allow the others to be complacent. After a while, they get so comfortable with it, they require it. How would you suggest going about motivating these people?