Monday, March 19, 2012

Teacher Conference

My son's teacher conferences are fantastic. The middle school really understands the student and parent needs.

Instead of inviting parents to come to the school and wander around to talk to a couple of teachers who will be in their rooms, the parents and student come to one room and the teachers all take turns sitting down one on one. The student leads the conversation based on some question he or she has answered in advance (i.e What am I most proud of this semester? Where can I improve?)

You get a full view of how your child is doing, the good and the not-so-good. Plus, you see the interaction between the teacher and student, which is sometimes more valuable than a grade.

How could this approach be used with customers or employees?

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. Dear Barry LaBov,

    I wish my children's parent-teacher meetings went like this! In terms of business, I can see how meetings like this could be beneficial. Just imagine sitting down with a customer one-on-one and discussing the positives and negatives of your product/service. Instead of generic surveys over the internet or other impersonal methods, a sit down discussion with a handful of customers may give companies a better idea of where they can improve. They could see firsthand some of the issues customers have with the product/service (if any) so they know exactly how to change it to make it better.

  2. The laBov family--my son in specific, is very lucky to have such a caring school. Companies can learn from them. Thanks, AT!