Friday, March 23, 2012

Check your work

A supplier I work with is very likeable. The whole team is a bunch of personable, young guys who love what they do. Their leader is the tallest, most handsome one of the group and he's very sincere, too.

Problem is, they don't check their work. They don't make sure the little things are in order. They do pride themselves in being willing to fix anything that goes wrong asap. But why does the customer have to endure that?

All the great things they do are undermined by their lack of attention to details, yet they want to grow their business through referrals. Can't be done.

The little things aren't all that little if they stop you from being profitable and deny you growth.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. I agree with what Barry LaBov has stated here. It is the small details that truly separate a good company from an excellent one. It's not rocket science. People are more likely to purchase an item from a company they are confident in, rather than from a company that may or may not get the order right the first time around. Businesses should double check their orders, product quality and anything else before sending it out to the customer.

  2. Jeffery, it's all about the little stuff, it all shows how much we care. My last name, LaBov, is a rare name, hard to spell--so I guess I've been sensitive to the spelling of a name, for example, since LaBov is so often misspelled!