Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Got to be good looking cause she's so hard to see

The harder it is to see or to connect with someone, the more impressive they appear to be. That's unfortunate, but very true in business.

The tougher it is to get in and see that customer, the more important and brilliant she must be. She creates a mystique.

The very best people I've known or worked for were very accessible. They returned the call, they answered the email or text right away. They didn't need to create a mystique.

Barry LaBov

LaBov & Beyond


  1. Well said, Barry LaBov! You know, this is one of the normal everyday business practices that exists today that puzzles me the most. You would think that all companies, big or small, would want to keep a steady connection with their customers, instead of play this waiting game that so many big-wig companies like to play. I also love the fact that you practice what you preach! You're one of the most accessible businessmen I've ever seen. That, coupled with the fact that you post on this blog daily and respond to comments is something that is virtually unheard of from people in your position nowadays. I'm sure that your customers appreciate it very much!

  2. Thanks, being accessible is something LaBov & Beyond practices, but we're not perfect! This LaBov blog is an example of it, but we have to be open and "there"--everyday.

    I saw the "Fish" program years (the guys who ran the fish market in Seattle and made a living sharing their success) and one of their slogans was "Be There." Literally that meant, be engaged, don't just "mail it in."

    Thanks for the response!
    Barry LaBov