Thursday, October 6, 2011

Power, Part Two: Speed

I have played golf with a reluctant golfer who just doesn't feel like playing unless he's playing well. When he isn't hitting it perfectly, he slows down, waaaaaay down. He barely makes it from the green to the next tee. He often says he'd rather not be playing and will leave early, before the round is over. Not a lot of fun.

He takes control by slowing down, not just himself, but everyone around him. He becomes the focal point, we now move at his extremely slow pace and consequently, the game is no longer fun for the rest of us. We will then want to leave early, too. He will have then gotten his way, he's in control.

Many a control freak is upset when someone else takes over their assignment and makes a decision and gets it done, now. That's because the world was moving at the control freak's pace and it felt good to him or her.

It is often the speed of making a decision that is a make-it or break-it situation in business--whether you make that sale or fix that problem. Control or power that slows down the response time, and in turn loses the opportunities, is not productive and is short-lived.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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