Thursday, October 13, 2011


Michael Iva says,

On your way to success and glory, as you pass through average everyday, stop. Take a real good look around. Realize that most people do not go any further. They lose their way by not making the right moves in the right direction. Keep moving onward and upward!

What a great insight. How often do we settle into Averageville and make a life there? As he says, it's making the right moves in the right direction, not the perfect moves in the right direction.

Thanks, Michael, maybe this will inspire many of us to venture outside of average and move, perhaps imperfectly, in the right direction.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. This is so true, Barry LaBov. So many people – even me on many occasions – think there is some set path that you need to follow to happiness. But not really! Like you say here, it's about making "the right moves in the right direction." Each person needs to decide for him or herself what that right direction is. Thanks for this great insight, Barry LaBov!

  2. The LaBov blog team thanks you, Alfred! It's all about progress and going beyond the norm, the expected.
    Michael Iva was right,

    Barry LaBov