Monday, September 26, 2011

Ready to sell?

I'm trying to buy a fairly expensive product. I talk to a friend, a dealer, who sells it. He hands me off to his sales guy. That sales guy is nice, knowledgeable and responsive. He wants to delay the process until he can meet with me in-person. Problem is, I want that thing and I'm ready to buy. But the sales guy isn't ready to sell. I call back and talk money, he plays hardball, says he can't come close to prices I've seen elsewhere and is very friendly as he tells me to keep in touch.

I then research the product and find a dealer nearby, search their site and find they have the product, too. I call the place and talk to a sales guy who is friendly and knowledgeable, too. He also recommends another product (a cheaper one) that I should also consider.I stop by and within two hours check out all products of interest and find the one I want (the cheaper one he had recommended). he then tries to close me by matching the best price I can find online. He also throws in a few other things of small value and will deliver the product the next business day. I say "yes."

The winning sales person knew his stuff and was ready to sell. He negotiated (maybe a little more than he needed) and presented a great package to me. The other sales person? Well, I'm waiting for him to call me and ask when I can stop by. That won't be necessary now.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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