Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The More, The Vaguer

The more people who share responsibility on a project, the clearer the picture of what’s going on:

People may not want responsibility
They may not care
They may not understand their job
They may not be organized

No matter the reason, too many people tackling responsibilities will lead to confusion, low performance and low morale.

The more, the vaguer, the less interesting. The fewer, the better, the more exciting.

Barry LaBov
Labov & Beyond


  1. I think some of this is born out of fear. If you have more people involved, it's easier to hide accountability if you're afraid of making a mistake or what to do.

  2. Our fear shouldn't be about making mistakes, because we all do that everyday. Our fear should be not doing what we believe in.
    Thank you, Anon!

    Barry LaBov
    LaBov & Beyond