Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silence--why? Part Two: Was it something I didn't say?

When we asked for help and we hear nothing back, why is that?
Maybe the person you asked:
  1. Feels they're too busy (important) to respond to you
  2. Doesn't know what to say and is avoiding sticking their neck out
  3. Doesn't care
  4. Routinely ignores emails or voicemails and doesn't care the consequences
  5. Drawing the line because your request was after hours or on the weekend and they are letting you know their personal time is more important than helping you

Maybe you did something that will allow people to not respond:
  1. You asked too many people (mass email)
  2. You didn't spell out your situation clearly and when you needed a response
  3. You don't respond to others in similar situations and they're just giving it back to you
Silence is a two-way street. If you don't give input, don't expect it. In fact, count on it.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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