Monday, June 14, 2010


We all need a little PB&J, passion, bravery and joy, in our business lives.

Our company, LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications and Training, utilizes PB&J as our mantra. It's not like we have the PB&J market cornered, it's just we've come to realize that on our best day, we exude passion in our thinking and ideas. On our best day, we have the courage (bravery) to go against the status quo and ask the tough questions or stand up for what we believe in to help the client. When all that happens, we feel the exhilaration, the joy, of making a difference for the client.

PB&J is a goal, an aspiration, and a direction, but it's not a position or destination. It's also a challenge, because it's simply not easy to be "up" every moment and achieve it.

PB&J is also a litmus test. You can judge the value of an idea, the level of your commitment to the client and the energy within your company by asking: "Are we showing passion in what we do? Are we overcoming fears and challenging the conventional thinking and status quo? Does our organization have the energy, the excitement or joy that a PB&J company should?" If you answer yes to all those questions, you're having a "best day." Enjoy it, celebrate it.

If you are not achieving PB&J, it's time to analyze where you're missing the mark and pick up the intensity. Imagine if we each had 365 "best days" of PB&J every year...

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond
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