Monday, June 7, 2010

Order-takers beware!

This is not a good economy if you're an order-taker. But, who really believes he or she is an order-taker?

Here are signs of being an order-taker:

You believe your company needs to sell its products or services for less

You see little to no difference between what your company offers and your competition

You feel your primary value to the customer is in the speed of your response

You have a greater fear of bothering the client than of not bringing them a fresh idea or approach

You spend one minute or more of your day rationalizing your lack of performance

You believe that your company just needs a new brochure or website and you'll sell more

You do not dare disagree with or offer an opposing view to what the client asks for

You do not inspire ideas of all kinds from your team because of the fear that the client will not like them

You can be an order-taking CEO or accountant or purchasing agent or artist or salesperson.
Order-takers come in all sizes, shapes, salaries and positions.

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond

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