Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drawing the Line

The very best performers don't draw the line when it comes to what they do for a living. That's why they're the best. The rest compromise, they fall short on doing whatever it takes, and often, they are a drain to others they work with.

What are examples of drawing the line? Here are a few:
Focusing on what is "acceptable" as opposed to what is best.
Caring more about your convenience than the good of the team, the company or the customer.
Looking at your customer, your job, or your company as the "enemy" of your personal life

When the above is your mindset, you only put so much into what you do. The very best performers don't think that way, they love what they do, both at work and at home, and find a way to maximize their life and their performance. That's what drives and energizes them and those they work and live with.

And what's interesting is, we all know who draws the line and who doesn't. So we can't fool ourselves into thinking no one notices, because co-workers and customers know. But most of all, in our hearts, we know.

Drawing the Line doesn't save us, it doesn't preserve our life or make us happier. It takes away, it drains and minimizes how great our life and relationships can be.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

When you draw the line, you let everyone know that you're not an elite player

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