Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Different Responses to Free Ideas

In our business of marketing, it's controversial to provide free ideas or spec work. One side of the argument says it's entrepreneurial to do that; the other side states that if you provide free ideas, you devalue your worth. I think both sides are right - depending on who is receiving those free ideas.

Here are two examples with two different outcomes:

For Company A, we conducted a mini-brand assessment as a way to get to know them and to prescribe what we thought they might need to grow.

We conducted a similar exercise for Company B that included creative concepts, with the intent that we would again, better understand them and show our value - all leading to paid opportunities.

Company A respected and valued our ideas and engaged us in working with them immediately.

Company B liked our ideas but immediately let us know that it would take time before we work with them and that if anything, they'll do a lot of the next steps internally.

Two different outcomes. Our team was excited to work with Company A and was deflated after the session with Company B.

The best conclusion I've come up with is that before considering free work, be completely convinced that the company you're doing it for is the right kind of future partner. If they're looking to take advantage of suppliers, it's best to leave the free work to someone else.

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond

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