Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leadership is not waiting for support

Carol Ann is a friend of mine. She loves golf and had a dream. She wanted her golf club to host a national event. Sounds good, but it means a lot of work for a lot of people. It means taking a chance that the event doesn't turn out well.

Well, her dream was realized and the event was a huge success, thanks to her hard work and the hard work of hundreds of others.

She told me at the closing celebration how happy she was and that only months ago people were not believing in the dream, but as time went on and the event took shape, they started to support it more and more.

This is what all leaders face, whether at a non-profit event or in a multi-national corporation with 800 dealers worldwide.

If you wait for enough support that your task is easy, then you'll probably never get started. A true leader has the vision, the passion, and is willing to stick her (or his) neck on the block to make it reality. With that commitment, along will come the support of those who start to see and feel that vision, too.

The question to each of us is, are we willing to stick our necks on the block to make our vision happen?

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond Marketing Communications

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