Friday, September 25, 2009

(Lack of) Communication and Control

There are many mysteries in business. One is why a person doesn't communicate frequently; you know, the person you have to track down to get an update from.

You'd think that with all the technologies available, that we'd be communicating more than ever - you can phone, meet in-person, email, drop a note, even send a text message.

It doesn't matter if a dozen new communication technologies are created tomorrow, people will still avoid communicating for a number of reasons, including control.

If you don't let your co-workers or boss know the status on a project, you're in control. Maybe you're more important, because you're the center of conversation - "Has anyone heard how such and such is going?" If you don't give updates to your clients, they'll need to track you down. It's about control.

But, control is elusive. Once the non-communicator is tracked down, the situation may get contentious, the project may be at risk, etc. They'll be tempted to be even more non-communicative.

The best communicators, the most confident and the most successful, communicate openly and succinctly to the right people - frequently. They have the confidence that information and updates will help their team achieve success. For them it's about success, not control.

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond

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