Monday, August 3, 2009

Business aviation in a sound-byte world - Part 2

Nothing has been more vilified in recent months than private aviation. The sound byte we hear from media, from Congress and even the President has been: private jets are wasteful; they're a toy for the fat cat business executive.

The sad thing that's missing in all this vilification is that a business jet can be utilized to retain and to grow clients - to increase business for companies. The business jet can actually cost less to fly to a location than commercial flights (add up the cost of commercial tickets, overnight stays, and food) and the business jet can actually allow the employees of the company to spend time at night with their family instead of being on the road.

Our agency, LaBov and Beyond Marketing Communications, is utilizing our business jet 15 percent more this year than last. We are making sure we spend as much time with clients as possible, and we are also responding to the most new business inquiries that we've ever received in our 25-plus-year history. Our business jet has enabled us to respond to opportunities and grow business.

We can operate a jet and not be wasteful. We fly with at least three employees on board, usually more (our jet can seat up to six). We fly to several locations a day if needed, so we can stretch the value of the jet. We fly all employees - it's not reserved for execs (in fact, I fly only 10 percent of the time). Our pilots are frugal - they negotiate on fuel, on landing fees, etc.

But all that info won't fit into a one-sentence sound byte. We have to fight the temptation to sound-byte ourselves into a corner. It'll take a few more words, maybe even a sentence or two, but if we want what's right, what's the truth, it's worth it.

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond

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