Friday, July 3, 2009

Unhappy client: familiar refrain

Our agency, LaBov and Beyond Marketing Communications, has never seen such new business activity as we're experiencing today. More existing and potential clients of all sizes are approaching us and engaging us in exciting new conversations. In some cases, we've added them to our roster. Why all the activity?

These prospective clients have all shared the same scenario: They have been working with a capable agency that has become complacent to the point of entitlement. The customer service level is mediocre at best; the work is fair, but hardly inspired. As we shared in an earlier post, these agencies are basically just order-takers.

Order-taking worked a lot better when the economy was robust. But when the amount of business activity declines, that exposes what a supplier is all about: do they just take business dropped in their lap or are they a real partner with clients and continue to serve them and proactively bring new ideas?

It's great when you are approached by prospective clients, but there's another issue to be concerned with: making sure you don't become complacent and entitled with your existing ones at the same time. You'll fall victim to the same refrain.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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