Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are you a "fan" of your clients and your career?

Listen to the office chatter about last night's Major League Baseball game - how "we" won or how "we" blew it. You can hear the emotions, the attachment to the team - even though none of us are professional athletes on those teams. Or, even funnier, the fanaticism about college teams - especially from people who never attended that college, or any college for that matter. Then of course, you hear the obsession about our kids' sporting prowess and how their coaches don't give them a chance.

All of that can be OK, maybe even good once in a while. But only if that kind of fanaticism is directed toward other areas of life, including your career. How can you become overheated about an umpire's call but be disinterested in helping a client or growing your business? It happens every day, and we accept it too quickly.

The college team you root for never paid you a salary and benefits, it never gave you an opportunity to support your family - your clients and your company do. They deserve the same emotion, commitment and fanaticism.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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