Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Social Media - more than buzz words

You can witness the speed of technology right in front of us today. Look how quickly social media has become the new hot topic in corporations.

In the 1400s, when the Gutenberg Bible was first printed on a press (instead of being hand scribed by monks), it was a world-changing breakthrough in publishing. This breakthrough allowed the Bible to get into the hands of the masses - although it did take centuries for that to become reality. Now, it's the most popular book in the world.

Today, a new way to publish information called social media is taking off. And it's immediately accessible to practically everyone. But it's more than two words or one site or one blog somewhere. It's a different way to think and reach out, which means it will be changing and morphing.

That means we can't just use those two words - social media - and think we've come up with a solution. We now have to think about which path - Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever is created next - is the right one (s) to take to spread our information and to connect with our audiences.

It's entirely possible that Twitter or some other social media method will not survive through this revolution, to be replaced by alternatives that better suit us at that moment.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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