Monday, June 29, 2009

What's so difficult about growing your business?

In theory, it seems really easy to grow business. You go out, meet people, talk to them, they like you and your company, and everything is just perfect. You have a new customer.

But that's exactly what makes it so difficult to do. It doesn't happen that way. True, you do need to connect with a person, have them at least respect you and hopefully like you. And, of course, they have to have a need for your company.

But the problem is you don't know if or when that investment of time and effort will pay off. Indeed, it may never pan out. Or maybe it'll be a bonanza. The problem is that we can't count on it happening - and that's just why the vast majority of people give up.

Want to grow your business? Stop wondering whether you should follow up with that prospect. Stop considering whether it's worth it to send an email or a newspaper clipping or a new idea or a reminder to your prospect. Stop thinking about it, just go ahead and do it.

Growing business is not just a science, it's an art, it's a gamble, it's a crap shoot and it's a commitment. And, boy, does it feel good when it pays off. But you'll never know that unless you do all the things possible to make it happen.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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