Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scary Accountability

Accountability. It's a big deal today. Here's a scary question: Is it possible that at your company there's a noticeable accountability gap?

Maybe the president thinks the VP of sales is committed to increasing sales and growing the business. Sounds good, right? But what if that sales VP isn't committed to sales? Maybe he's committed to servicing the current accounts instead. In all fairness, maybe the sales VP never said he was committed to growing the business.

Maybe the production manager assumes his engineers are accountable for the designs they submit when, in reality, those engineers only care about taking orders and keeping their head down to stay out of trouble. In all fairness, maybe they didn't commit to be accountable for great designs.

Maybe we need to stop and learn just what we and our employees are accountable for. If we assume we know, we're headed for disappointment - or worse.

Doing this will reveal gaps we have at our companies. It may give a good person a chance to perform like a hero. It may expose someone who doesn't want to work. Either way, it's time to know for sure - don't you think?

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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