Tuesday, March 19, 2013

He's our "devil"

I saw a rock band once talk about their manager, who had a dubious reputation as a cut-throat son of a gun. One of the members of the band said, "He may be Satan, but he's our (meaning his band's) Satan." His point was that this guy may have been really ruthless, but the band was comfortable with him and felt he was the best manager they could ever have.

When I hear someone complain about a customer, I remember this. Sure, they may be difficult or demanding, but they're our customer. We can complain or moan about someone, but who says another person (your manager or your customer) would be any better?

Barry LaBov
LaBov Marketing Communications and Training

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  1. I could have used this perspective in college, Barry LaBov, when I was working as a retail associate at a bookstore in the area. There were so many annoying customers, but they were paying my salary as our hours were directly related to sales. If I was nicer and took care of them, maybe I would have earned a little more money for that Cancun trip. Good reason to treat every client and customer with respect; if they go somewhere else, where does that leave you?