Friday, February 8, 2013


Having problems with quality control? Hire a super quality control person.

Having issues with customer satisfaction? Hire a super customer service person.

Having issues with morale? Hire a super HR person.

The above issues and answers, in my opinion, seldom work. But they do sound very smart. The answer is always that one super-perfect person who will solve whatever issue you have. The problem is, there is no perfect person and even a great person brings a little baggage along with them.

I believe that we search for the perfect person to fix our problems because we don't want to face up to and solve our problems.

Hey, if I create a lousy environment for quality and then bring in a super quality control person, I just might make things worse. After all, now it's that one person who is responsible for quality. Things will not get better until they get much worse.

We hate to face it, but we create most of our problems. We are the issue. We need to face the demons, fix what we broke and then if we need a super-somebody, they'll have a better chance to succeed.

Barry LaBov
LaBov Marketing Communications and Training

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  1. The Barry LaBov blog is a must-read for me because he doesn’t sugar coat it. This post reminded me of Pulp Fiction. The Wolf is hired because he knows how to clean things up. Of course, he wouldn’t be in business if the mobsters didn’t screw up in the first place. We constantly are looking for people to clean up our messes. Sometimes, though, you have to put the responsibility on yourself.