Monday, February 18, 2013

Executive Physcian vs Standard Issue

I've known many excellent doctors and have made it a point to be friendly with as many of them as possible. After all when it comes to your health, why not be close to those who influence how well and long you live?

There are a few "executive" doctors who charge an access fee and in addition, charge for their treatment. In return, the patient gets 24/7 access to the doctor and presumably, superior service and expertise.

I think this is a fascinating model because it is not for everyone (because of the $$) but it does allow those who want superior medical attention that opportunity, for a price. And it's amazing because that model allows that physician the opportunity to do just thatfocus on a few patients.

The standard model in which a doctor has hundreds of patients and is running from one treatment room to another is certainly valid, but think of what it does? It reduces the chance of that doctor doing her or his very best, because it's impossible.

So, as always, I connect this to our businesses and wonder, how could we look at this and apply it? Do we charge an access fee and in return have fewer customers that we attend to? That sounds great, but along with that comes the reality that you must provide superior performance that the customer actually would consider paying an access fee for.

Barry LaBov
LaBov Marketing Communications and Training

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