Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Things

We all want to make huge strides now, but that's tough to do. That's why we lower prices, change policies, and add stuff. All in the name of progress.

It's not all that concerting, but I believe it's the little things that can tell you whether or not you're on track. Is morale up? Is there an excitement about the new product internally? Are there some breakthroughs that haven't yet resulted in sales?

We can look at end results (and we need to), but they only tell a portion of the story. The little things make the big things possible, usually not the other way around.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. Barry, I work at a company in California that has been struggling with office morale. That is one of the "little things" that you say makes the big things possible. So, do you have advice for companies that struggle with this? How can management keep people positive and engaged and ultimately progressing? What kind of advice would your Fort Wayne company give to a company that is experiencing this problem someplace else? Thanks in advance for your advice!

  2. In Fort Wayne we do what we do in Michigan, Arizona and everywhere else--we remain transparent, open, honest. And we look to instruct, not to tear down people. Thanks, Barry