Friday, April 20, 2012

Let’s have a loooooong meeting

A client of ours was surprised when we scheduled a 90-minute meeting with them to discuss a recent assessment we did of their retail chain relationships. Our client had expected it to be a day-long affair.

That precisely was one of the findings we gleaned from our sales channel assessment: their dealers and employees complain that the company wastes too much time in meetings, too much time talking and not enough time getting down to making progress.

A loooong meeting is probably not a great one.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications and Training
Fort Wayne, Indiana


  1. After reading this post I completely understand why LaBov & Beyond was voted one of the best places to work! I work at one of those companies that love long meetings, but towards the end, you can look around the room and see that half of the staff is so drained that they are no longer paying any attention. I like your suggestion of keeping meetings short and sweet. If more companies spent less time in meetings and more time putting their ideas to work, I think they would be much more successful in their endeavors.

  2. Lauren, thanks. At LaBov & Beyond we follow this advise but still fall short (or long?) sometimes.