Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Awards can be rewarding

I have never watched the ESPYs, the sports awards programs that ESPN created, but I love the concept and especially the name, since it is a great reinforcement of their brand.

So, inspired, my company has created the ELBEE awards. ELBEE, pronounced LB, support LaBov & Beyond's culture and brand. Every month, we choose the top performer in our company based on the recommendations of his or her fellow "Labovians." That recognition program (we call it Recognition Roadhouse) is the ONLY way a person can achieve an ELBEE, so it inspires our employees to contribute and to acknowledge great performances. On an average month, there are dozens of recommendations received.

So what? Well, I think it's a big deal. The winner each month receives a check for $100, plus they get the ELBEE trophy to adorn their workspace for the month. And it is no typical trophy. Standing almost three feet tall, ELBEE (the trophy), is a LaBov & Beyond branded mascot made by our own Marcus McMillen and our creative team. You simply cannot miss ELBEE when you walk past it.

The ELBEE has become a fun, positive program that feeds off employees recognizing each other and has become quite a morale lifter. Awards can be rewarding for all.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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