Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nothing exists until it does

A great insight into the most productive and successful people is they seem to have a lot going on, yet are not bogged down by it all.

Conversely, many equally talented people seem to chronically underachieve because they can't handle all the stress of what might happen if they close the deal or if they take on another assignment, etc.

The most successful people I've known look at it this way: Nothing exists until it does. Until that deal is closed, there's no reason to fret, no reason to worry how we'll do it because we've always been able to come through before. Until that new responsibility is reality, it is not a worry. Don't concern yourself about the five prospects all deciding to say yes at the same time until it happens (which is highly doubtful--but wow, what a great problem!).
I had a friend who was stressed out one day. He told me he was immobilized due to the big event he was producing for a major client. I asked a few questions of him only to find out that 1) the event was not yet reality and 2) if and when it did become reality, my friend wouldn't be engaged in it for at least three months from then.

Nothing exists until it does. Once it does, you tackle it.

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond

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