Monday, October 19, 2009

Freelance or Hire or ?????

With all the people unemployed in our nation, we have a shift towards becoming a freelance economy.

Why hire a high-level exec when you can pay them by the assignment? Why hire a full-time engineer when you can get a world-class engineer to design your system freelance?

I think there are three factors that would influence the decision to hire versus pay-per-project (freelance). Those factors are:

1) Frequency
2) Extraordinary talent
3) People skills

I'll start with frequency--if you need that person's talent daily--eight hours a day--it is probably smart to hire a full-time person.

Second, if you encounter someone with extraordinary talent and you don't want anyone else to have it, it may be the right move to hire that person as an employee.

The third factor is most fascinating. If you need the talent a lot, and the person you interview is fairly talented, and he/she is fantastic with people, then don't let the person leave your building un-hired. However, if the person is a soloist--a talented one--then why hire full-time when you can get his/her best attributes on a per-project basis?

It's funny, but we need employees that inspire and bring out the best in all of us. If we interview a person that can do just that, they're worth their weight in gold. If they are merely a very talented engineer or designer, they're better left off the payroll and need to be hired on a per-project basis.

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond

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