Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Simple Way to Solve Problems

Remember the space pen? It was the pen that was designed for NASA that allowed you to write upside down. Took untold amounts of research and testing. Viewed as a breakthrough. The Russians took a different route; they used pencils. No research or testing. Pencils write upside down, end of story, move on.

In my visits with numerous corporations as well as my experience at LABOV, we all try various methods and approaches to solving problems. We email, we text, we leave voice mails. There is a simpler, less technological approach that is the “pencil” in this case: Talk to the person now.

Talk to the person now, means if that person is in your building or nearby, physically go there and solve it now. If that person is across the country, the state or the world, then pick up the phone and talk now.

The pencil is a great invention. In fact, it’s the only writing utensil that I don’t mess with and break (I’m a disaster with pens; I play with them till they fall apart). Likewise, talk in-person now is a great invention, and it will be a superior approach that’s not likely to lead to breakdowns.

Barry LaBov
LABOV Marketing Communications and Training

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