Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Mighty Contrarian

Several years ago, I worked with a client who called himself a "Mighty Contrarian." He openly shared with me that his secret to success was to be the guy who disagreed in every meeting, who was more critical than anyone else and who kept everyone, including his boss, on their toes and on the defensive.

He was a brilliant person and I really enjoyed him, after he let his hair down and shared his secret. I've often wondered what would have happened if he would have just stopped playing contrarian and had just been himself. Would he have been less successful? Maybe...he would not have appeared so powerful and fearless.

But I do think he might have allowed others to perform freely and perhaps create even better ideas, which might have brought him even more success.

Barry LaBov
LaBov Marketing Communications and Training

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  1. That’s an interesting idea, Barry LaBov. I remember when I was younger - I had to be no more than eight. I had an answer to a question, but some other classmate said that was a dumb answer. I buttoned up for a long time after that. I wonder how much collaboration is stifled by negativity.