Friday, October 12, 2012

Not so smart fat cats

A very smart young man just left his company because after years of good work, a promise had been broken. It seems his company (a very smart, well-run firm) had told him he would receive a small portion of ownership in return for his years of service but then decided that didn't count after they decided to sell the company and pocket all the money themselves.

They got what they wanted--all of the money. And then he decided to walk, leave the firm. I'm guessing the company will survive it and that he'll move onto to other, more positive things.

But, think of it. The owners had a chance to make a legacy for themselves, a legacy of living up to their promises, of helping and guiding a younger person, of perhaps having that company live on far after they are no longer here.

Instead they took the money and ran. Maybe they're not so smart after all.

Barry LaBov

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